Transition Areas - Raid 360 2017

Transition Areas:


Race Base: (long course) - before bike stage. You may get anything you left in the base

TA A: (long course) - before inline stage. Open space. Teams are allowed to left their inlines and, eventually, some water and food.

TA B: (long and short course) - before trekking  stage. Open area. Capacity of packages - 40l/team

TA C: (short course) - before kayak stage. Shed. Capacity of packages - 100l/team

TA D: (long and short course) - after kayak stage. Open area. Capacity of packages - 100l/team (long course), 50l/team (short course). Open aea. Organizers will provide some tents to use.

TA E: (short course) - before kayak stage. Ope area. Capacity of packages - 100l/team